Top 15 Cute Anime Boys List of All Time

Anime is known for its cute characters, which may be why so many people are eager to watch the latest offerings from Japan. While there are tons of adorable female characters in anime, we’re going to focus on 15 of the cutest male anime characters. This list focuses on boys and men who are young and cute, not just adult characters.

Tamaki Suoh ( Ouran Highschool Host Club )

Tamaki Suoh is the son of a wealthy family and is the senior student of Ouran High School. He’s one of the main characters of the series, who also happens to be a member of the host club at school. Tamaki plays the role of president for each meeting held by the group, with his overbearing attitude often putting him at odds with Haruhi Fujioka (another major character). He’s also quite popular with girls in school despite his childish personality and appearance—to put it simply: you could say that Tamaki is your typical anime protagonist archetype.

Celty Sturluson ( Durarara!! )

Celty Sturluson is a Dullahan, a headless horseman with a black cloak and a scythe. She carries her head in her handbag and she can detach it at will. As she’s half-horse, Celty has supernatural powers such as flight, teleportation, super speed and strength. She’s also able to communicate with animals through telepathy (but only in Ireland).

Celty works as an underground motorcycle courier for Shinra Kishitani’s Night Raid gang and spends most of her time on the streets of Ikebukuro (a fictional town in Tokyo), where she lives under the bridge near Raira Academy – the high school attended by Mikado Ryugamine along with many other characters from Durarara!!

Shiki ( The World Ends With You )

Shiki is a mysterious boy who always wears a black hooded jacket. He is a member of the Reaper’s Game, and he’s always wearing the same black hooded jacket. He’s also a protagonist in The World Ends With You game that was released on September 26th 2007 by Square Enix.

Subaru Sumeragi ( X/1999 )

Subaru is a character from X/1999. He is an important part of the story, and his role is to get it going. Despite this, he’s not a typical male protagonist; he doesn’t grow up, or become more mature or powerful as the series progresses. Instead, he’s just as cute and innocent at the end of the series as he was at the beginning (which makes sense considering that it’s only 15 episodes long). 

Subaru’s cuteness comes from his personality traits: he has no bad intentions but still manages to be mischievous; despite being clumsy and somewhat dense, he’s smart enough to know when someone needs help; he cares deeply about his friends and family even though they might not always appreciate it (in fact they often don’t).

What really makes Subaru so adorable though isn’t just how lovable his personality makes him—it’s also how adorable his appearance can be! When you see those big bright eyes staring back at you while lounging around in bed with them dressed in their pajamas… well let’s just say that gets me every time!

Caeda and Marth ( Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light )

Caeda and Marth are a couple in Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light. Caeda is the princess of Talys, a kingdom on the continent of Archanea. Marth is the main character of this game and he’s also the prince of Altea, one of several kingdoms in this world.

Caeda (Japanese: カイエン) is voiced by Aiko Okubo. She was born in Talys but raised in Altea as an honorary member of their royal family after her father died at sea when she was very young.

Prince Soma Asman Kadar ( Black Butler )

Prince Soma Asman Kadar is the son of the Earl of Asman Kadar and the younger brother of the Earl of Asman Kadar. He is the main protagonist of the manga Black Butler.

With his kind heart and gentle nature, Prince Soma is a popular guy on campus at Balsahome Academy. He has earned many friends with his kind demeanor, but also makes rivals due to his good looks and charm. While he enjoys being at Balsahome Academy, he does not want to follow in his father’s footsteps as an earl since he believes that their family business goes against his principles as an individualist who believes that everyone should be free from oppression.

Kyohei Kadota ( Durarara!! )

Kyohei Kadota is a high school student who is good with computers. He is the leader of the Dollars, a gang that has been gaining notoriety in Ikebukuro.

He’s also a good friend of Mikado Ryugamine, another member of the Dollars and an introverted boy who moved to Ikebukuro after moving from southern Japan. Kyohei also acts as Anri Sonohara’s confidante during her difficult time after being kidnapped by Shizuo Heiwajima, who was trying to get revenge on Izaya Orihara for killing his best friend Kasuka Mika .

Kyohei has shown himself as a very capable fighter throughout the series and shows himself as one of the strongest fighters in their group despite his age and looks like he could be considered someone you would want on your side if there ever came down to it but we’ll leave that judgment up to you because there are many other great characters out there like him!

Oikawa Tooru ( Haikyuu!! )

Oikawa Tooru is a first year student at Karasuno High School. He was a volleyball player in middle school, but quit because he was too short to keep up with the other players. He reappeared on the scene as a vaunted setter for Shiratorizawa after he transferred there from Miyagi Prefecture, where he had been raised.

Yato ( Noragami )

Yato is a minor god who is trying to find his way in the world. Yato is a god of war and is a self-proclaimed “god of calamity.” He has an obsession with fighting, which explains why he’s always getting into fights with other gods. Despite being known for causing trouble, Yato does have good intentions at heart and tries his very best to help his friends with any problems they may be having.

Yato also has another side that no one knows about—he’s actually a powerful deity named Tenjin who lost his memories after an accident! When Yato has amnesia from consuming too much alcohol or when he’s possessed by other deities or spirits that want to take over his body, he becomes incredibly strong but loses control of himself completely.

Takumi Usui ( Kaichou wa Maid Sama! )

Takumi Usui is a popular student at the school. He is known to be cold and unfriendly, but once he opens his heart up to someone, he’s very kind and caring. His best friend Misaki Ayuzawa falls in love with him, but Takumi doesn’t reciprocate her feelings. Instead he becomes her guardian angel and helps her get closer to Seiji Takagi, who has been trying to win Misaki over for years. 

At first they don’t get along because they both want to protect each other from getting hurt, but eventually they realize that what they really need is each other’s support in order for them both not only find happiness together but also individually as well because then neither one of them would ever have any regrets about how things ended up turning out between them if something were ever too happen unexpectedly later down the road when memories start fading away from their minds due t

Yuzuru Otonashi ( Angel Beats! )

Yuzuru Otonashi is a high school student with a cheerful personality. He is the leader of the Shinda Sekai Sensen, or SSS. He is also the first character to be introduced in the series. He is also the main protagonist of the series.

Yuzuru has a very kind and gentle personality, though he does not hesitate to kill if it means accomplishing his goal. When he saves a freshman girl named Kanade Tachibana who was about to get run over by a truck at an intersection, she decides to follow him around because she believes that their meeting was fate despite never having met before.[2] Yuzuru agrees with this idea stating that “if it’s destiny then everything will work out.” 

Although he knows nothing about her past self due to losing her memories after dying in an accident three years ago[3], Yuzuru takes care of her as if she were his younger sister while they both attend school together as students at Shibuya High School where their club activities revolve around playing basketball games against other schools located nearby including ones from outside Tokyo such as Naka-ku High School located near Nakano Broadway shopping centre.[4][5][6]

Seijuro Akashi ( Kuroko’s Basketball )

Seijuro Akashi is a fictional character from the Japanese manga and anime series Kuroko’s Basketball. He is the captain of the Generation of Miracles and the ace of Teiko Middle School’s basketball team.

Akashi has been described as having great charisma, being popular among his peers and possessing an aura which makes people want to follow him. His personality is often described as cold but he shows compassion towards those close to him.

Katsura Kotaro ( Gintama)

Katsura Kotaro is a ninja who is very funny and has a lot of personality. He is very loyal to his friends, especially Gintoki, who he refers to as “Papa.” Katsura has a strong sense of justice and will go out of his way for the sake of others. He can be quite gullible at times but he’s also fairly strong and good at singing, dancing, and acting.

The only thing that really deters people from being friends with Katsura is the fact that he always seems to be trying to win an argument by any means necessary which often involves lying or inventing false stories if necessary (this results in awkward situations where Katsura ends up married).

Tsutomu Goshiki/Goshi Goshogawara( Haikyuu!!)

Tsutomu Goshiki is a second year middle blocker at Karasuno High School. He is called “Goshi” by his teammates. He is a very tall and muscular boy.

Tsutomu was one of the key players in the first match between Karasuno High School and Shiratorizawa Academy, when he scored two points for Karasuno with his back setter serve receive against Hinata. Like the rest of his team, Tsutomu enjoys volleyball very much, even though he has a hard time expressing himself verbally. However, after seeing Kageyama play during the Winter Cup tournament (where they lost miserably), Tsutomu decides that he wants to learn how to play like him so he can become better than before

A lot of anime boys are cute, but these are the cutest.

When you think of anime boys, it’s easy to get lost in the thousands of cute characters that exist. We’ve all seen our share of anime boys and know what makes them cute, but there are some boys that stand out from the rest. These 15 boys are some of the most popular, most beautiful and most memorable in the world of anime.

  • Light Yagami (Death Note)
  • Shikamaru Nara (Naruto)
  • Makoto Tachibana (Free!)


All right, ladies (and gentlemen), it’s time to own up to your real favorite characters. We know that you may be secretly crushing on some of these anime boys, but don’t worry—we won’t tell anyone! You can also keep an eye out for these characters in the future; they just might appear in another anime or manga series. Who knows? Maybe they’ll even get their own spin-off!

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