Everything you need to know about MBA

MBA also known as Master in Business Administration is a 2-year graduate-level course focusing on leadership and managerial skills. It helps to develop a leadership quality that is inbuilt in a person and nurture it to make him/her a manager. The main benefit of an MBA is that any degree graduate no matter whether he/she is from a commerce background or a science background can opt for it. 

Professionals with an MBA can advance their careers or move into new fields. The admission requirements for MBA programs vary from program to program. It is not uncommon for applicants to choose their MBA program solely based on rankings. It is not normal for MBA degrees to cost more than $100,000. There are different modes of pursuing MBAs, including full-time, part-time, online, and distance education. A Post-Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM), a Post-Graduate Diploma (PGD), or a Post-Graduate Programme (PGP) in Management are alternatives to an MBA degree offered by most management institutes.

Here are some common types of MBA’s:

  1. Full-time MBA: It is a traditional MBA program, that is it takes two years to complete the course. Students who like to go for full-time study and the ones who don’t have to pay the checks and bills can opt for it. It is always good to choose a Full-time MBA as it gives more chance of getting high paid salary jobs. It is good to opt for a Top MBA college in Kochi.
  1. Part-time MBA: Part-time MBAs are also termed as professional MBAs. The main advantage of a part-time MBA is the ability to pursue a degree over several years while working or raising a family. Part-time MBAs have flexible timing and give the students a work-life balance. It is possible for students with an established career to earn valuable work experience while learning job skills they can apply immediately. The main advantage is that we can do our work and still continue to learn MBA. There will be no tension in taking leave or getting permission from the boss. Part-time MBA is very beneficial and provides value-added courses.
  1. Entrepreneur MBA: Entrepreneur MBAs also termed as E-MBAs are the new stream of MBA. This MBA is normally taken by students who want to start a business or owners who already have a business. This MBA helps the students to give ideas regarding how to start a business and how to expand their business. The format of this MBA is usually part-time or on weekends. The students will get a chance to meet with experts and can seek work advice that helps to build the business. It is a new trend that is spreading like wildfire. Most of the MBA colleges are upgrading to E-MBA as it is the new face of Business.
  1. Global MBA: Global MBAs also called International MBAs. it is just like a full-time MBA but discusses more about international business and strategies. This is very rare in India. There are colleges that give scholarships to International students.

MBA degrees are an excellent investment for your career. The MBA program allows graduates to gain an understanding of specific business functions, demonstrate a commitment to learning and improving skills, lead to increased job opportunities, higher income, and recognition as professional business leaders, and provide the skills and knowledge to start a new business.

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