The Chosen Season 3 Release Date, Cast & Plot

The Chosen Season 3 Release Date: Is The Chosen available on VidAngel? Yes, you can watch season one of the Chosen on VidAngel. While the first five episodes are free to watch, you need to pay for the remaining eight episodes in an episode pack.

When is season 3 of the Chosen coming out?

When will Season 3 of The Chosen premiere?

The Chosen Season 3 is expected to premiere in Spring 2020. This means that Netflix will be releasing the new season around March, April, or May 2020. If you’re looking for an exact date, then we’d say that there’s a good chance it’ll come out on Friday 13th (March 13th). This date is based on previous seasons’ release dates and it’s also when Netflix has released many other shows like Big Mouth and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

We think this season will have 11 episodes like previous ones but this hasn’t been confirmed by any official sources yet so stay tuned!

A release date for season 3 of The Chosen has not yet been announced.

A release date for season 3 of The Chosen has not yet been announced. No official release date has been confirmed, nor is there any indication that one is coming soon.

In fact, it’s possible that Netflix could be waiting to see how long it takes for fans to notice the absence of The Chosen in their queue and then announce this information as part of a publicity stunt: “Surprise! Season three of The Chosen is here!”

But we won’t hold our breath on that one.

Will The Chosen have a Season 3?

You can’t watch The Chosen season 3 until it’s been officially confirmed by ABC.

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Season 3 Cast of The Chosen

The Chosen is an American drama television series created by Jason Katims and produced by Universal Television. Originally based on the novel of the same name by Sara Shepard, it debuted on Freeform on June 5, 2016.

The series stars Katherine McNamara as Grace Shepherd and Aimee Teegarden as Kate Connor, two girls who are believed to be destined for greatness following the discovery of their DNA connection to Mary Magdalene. The first season follows their lives after they come into contact with a group known as the Council of 12 while traveling through Europe; they must work together to stop an ancient secret society known as The Order from resurrecting a powerful evil being known only as Cain.

In addition to McNamara and Teegarden, Ben Aldridge stars as David Wasserstein-Lubinski/Adam Wexler-Barrett/Peter Barrett-Weinberg (alternating between all three personas), Anthony Michael Hall portrays Alexei Sokolov; Jacqueline Byers portrays Marlene Cody; John Finn appears as Father Paul Renquist; Nico Tortorella plays Cameron Bramblett, and Sean Marquette portrays Russell Wilson III (alternating with Jaylen Moore).

What does Will happen in Season 3 of the Chosen?

Season 3 will be a continuation of season 2, but it will not be the same.

The Chosen is one of those shows that has multiple story arcs and right now we are in the middle of one. Season 3 will move us into another part of the overall universe and create a new adventure for us to enjoy.

Chosen Cast revealed some details on the set

The Chosen cast has been hard at work promoting the third season of their hit show. Cast members have been teasing fans with details about the upcoming season and its future plans, while they also discuss what’s in store for their characters. This is a good way to build hype around the show, as well as attract new viewers.

The Chosen actor Michael B. Jordan revealed that there would be “a lot more action” in season 3 than in previous seasons. He also said that he had filmed scenes involving horses, which meant that he had learned how to ride horses for the show.

Another cast member confirmed that there would be an episode featuring basketball players playing basketball during a game between two teams from opposing schools (though it is unclear whether these will be fictional or real colleges).

Watch The Chosen on VidAngel and other streaming services

If you want to watch The Chosen, VidAngel is the only service with the entire series.

In addition to having all three seasons of The Chosen available at once, VidAngel offers exclusive HD and ad-free options that make it your best option for streaming this classic Netflix show.


The Chosen is the first-ever multi-season show about the life of Jesus. It has garnered millions of views and unprecedented success since its launch in 2019.

Season 1 left off with a cliffhanger, as we saw Jesus (played by Jonathan Roumie) performing an exorcism on a possessed young boy that viewers were led to believe was his son, Judah. 

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