How to Hide Your Amazon Orders and Keep Your Purchases Private

You can create Amazon Shared Account and share your products with family members or close friends for FREE Learn how to hide your Amazon orders now.

Online shopping has become hugely popular during the pandemic. People have started buying and selling all kinds of items online. This is a great option for people who want to buy something but don’t want to leave their house.

This is an exciting book to read, especially during tough times, because it will allow you to procure essential items such as toilet paper and hand sanitizer. These items are often sold at high prices due to the seasonal demand.

And when it comes to shopping for others, the only place where you should consider buying gifts is Amazon. Especially when buying for people who are impossible to shop for.

How to Hide Your Amazon Orders and Keep Your Purchases Private
How to Hide Your Amazon Orders and Keep Your Purchases Private

Don’t forget to keep your gifts under wraps until your loved ones receive them. You’ll love giving them a gift that they won’t be expecting, and you’ll enjoy discovering the expression on their faces when they open their gift.

If you want to keep your Amazon order secret, it’s important to know how to keep your history secure.

Can other people see your Amazon orders?

Your Amazon order history is your to see, so keep it secure by logging out of your account. Don’t share your password with anyone, and don’t leave your computer unattended while being logged into your Amazon account.

If you share your Amazon Prime account with your kids, anyone who has your login credentials will be able to view what you’ve purchased in the past three months.

When it comes to the day to day stuff, it might be okay to buy from someone else. But for your special occasion or personal purchase, you might want to keep what you’re buying to yourself. How to hide Amazon orders.

Is there a way to hide orders on Amazon?

The easiest way to hide Amazon orders is to archive your items. Once you’ve finished making a purchase, archive it so it doesn’t show up in your order. You can always track your items if you choose to do so in the archival orders section.

How to archive Amazon orders (on desktop and mobile)

Follow these steps to hide or archive your Amazon order if you’re logging in on your desktop.

To open your Amazon web browser and log into your account, hover over “Returns and Orders” in the top right corner and click on it to bring up all your orders from the past three months. Select the item you would like to hide and click on “View Order Details” to archive the purchase.

To hide your Amazon order on mobile or tablet: Launch the Amazon app Sign in to your account Select “Your Orders” Select the product you want to hide Tap “View Order Details” Press “Archive Order”

What is Amazon Household and how to set it up

Other than the fact that you’ll be able to sell your products through Amazon’s platform, Amazon does have some safety features you can turn on to make sure no surprise will be ruined when an item arrives at your doorstep.

You can create an Amazon Household account and share your Amazon Prime benefits with your household members. Amazon Family lets you create up to three accounts for your immediate family. You’ll be able to access the same products and discounts at each member’s account, too.

This allows Prime members to share Amazon Prime benefits and digital content with their families without needing to pay for a separate service.

To create your household on Amazon, click the “Household” tab, then either add an adult, a child, or a teen. If it’s an adult, you can add them both at once or one at a time, and the other at a later date.

How to prevent Alexa from spoiling the surprise

Having an Alexa speaker is great because you can use it for all sorts of things, but be careful not to use it to access info about your private orders in case she announces the delivery date and title of your purchase in front of your family.

To keep your order a secret, do the following: Open the Alexa app on your phone or tablet and tap on “Settings” Go to “Notifications” and click on “Amazon Shopping” Find “Say or Show Item Titles” and turn it off After this, Alexa won’t be able to tell you when to expect your package, but won’t say what your order contains.

Once you’ve sent out the parcels and seen the joy on your loved one’s face, you’ll be glad you took the extra time to make sure it was a surprise.

While it can be frustrating to receive something you ordered and then find out it was stolen from the delivery driver, you’ll know what to do if this happens to you.

Be sure to keep your information safe from any Amazon scams, including Amazon email scams. Make sure that you know how to spot them, and take the proper steps to avoid getting scammed.

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