How Many Triangles Do You See in This Puzzle?

This puzzle has been going viral on the internet. It consists of a bunch of different sized triangles. The challenge is to count how many triangles there are in total. This seems like a simple enough task, but many people have trouble counting all of the triangles. Can you figure it out?

How Many Triangles Do You See in This Puzzle
How Many Triangles Do You See in This Puzzle?

How many triangles are there?

Calling all brain teaser aficionados: This triangle trick is sure to baffle even the most astute of brains for at least a few minutes. A puzzle-loving Indian engineer, Kumar Ankit, created this puzzle. It challenged people to find all the hidden triangles. There was nothing super viral about it.

You’re going to have to really exercise that eye for detail (and a thorough concept of geometry) to solve this riddle. Try not to get discouraged if you’re more visual than auditory. These visual brain teasers and rebus puzzles are probably the right kind of challenge for you. In case the puzzles are more of your thing, try to find the hidden objects in these pictures.

How Many Triangles Do You See?

Lucky number 24 or 25—it’s up to you. When you look at it closely, you’ll see that there are two shapes that appear to be different but are actually the same. Don’t worry, you’ll see this trick more than once, so get used to it.

It sounds like people are scratching their heads about the different numbers they are coming up with. We’ll give you a hint: It’s about using the “addition factor” of small triangles to create a larger one. It’s almost certain that the answer is 24. There is no agreement on this. This is not a duplicate question as it’s not asking for an opinion, and the answer does not rely on the answer to the previous question.

This is a great shape finder. If you’re into shapes, you can figure out how many square inches are in this image. If you really want to get technical, the number-one choice is 25. The letter A is the first letter of the artist’s name and there is a hidden circle in the letter’s shape.

A better Quora user noted there was a second triangle in the picture if you count the word “triangles.” Less than 1% of people can ace this shapes brainteaser (though we bet the eagle-eyed user is among that statistic). A triangle is a mathematical idea. It’s an abstract concept. Physical triangles are by definition not geometric perfect, but approximations of triangles.

In other words, both the pictorial triangles and the words referring to triangles are referents to the concept of a triangle,” said Silvertant. These logic puzzles will challenge you. When you solve each puzzle, you’ll discover how to reason through problems using logic and math. If you really get into the debate and want to hash out (or defend) your answer, check out the entire Quora discussion for different users’ methods of arithmetic. Then try these math puzzles for some brain busters!

If you’re up for another challenge, try these brain teasers that will leave you stuck.


In conclusion, the puzzle is a great way to test your memory and to see how you perform when you have a limited amount of time to solve a problem. There are many different ways to solve a problem, and some people may even use a mental shortcut to help them solve the problem. The fact that you are using a mental shortcut doesn’t mean that you didn’t learn anything new. In fact, it’s more likely that you learned something new, which is the reason why you solved the problem in a way that you hadn’t before.

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