Different features of a luxury home

Beverly Hills is one of the most iconic places on earth. This place has been a symbol of wealth, success, glamor, and luxury. This place has been the home of not just the rich but also the famous. It is easily the place on earth where the most celebrities reside. 

It is not surprising that this community became the haven for such high profile and affluent individuals. The place apart from having the most expensive properties in the US is also one of the most exclusive. It also has one of the lowest crime rates, making it one of the safest places.  That being said, it is easy to see why it is very desirable for celebrities to buy a property here since they can enjoy not just a beautiful neighborhood but also privacy and safety.

With such an expensive and luxurious place, you can expect that one may also discover the many impressive features of luxury homes that can be found in this area. For this article, let us look at some of the common features you may see in these luxury properties.

Secured gated homes

It is very common (if not necessary) that these luxury homes have a security feature. The use of gates or landscaping to obscure the property from curious individuals is the first line of defense used by property owners to maintain their privacy. Who would want people looking at them while chilling on their patios or balconies. In addition, advanced alarm systems may also be available. This ensures that the homeowners are alerted of intruders and the security system also contacts authorities for added protection. 

Manicured or Landscaped Gardens

Beverly Hills is known for the manicured streets lined with beautiful palm trees that make it appear like a tropical oasis. The homes found here also boast of manicured garden spaces or beautiful landscaping that can be both for aesthetics and to make the home more private. This way residents get to enjoy the outdoors without having to really leave their homes. Who wouldn’t enjoy breakfast or an afternoon tea with friends in the garden?

Beautiful Architecture

Many homeowners in Beverly Hills hire known or prominent architects and interior designers to design their homes. You can find interesting architectural designs and impressive interior designs in many of the luxury homes in the area. You can find a range of architectural designs ranging from mid-century modern up to ultra-contemporary. You can even find historical homes that combine the original design with modern or even high technology features.

Swimming Pool and Spa

One of the common features of luxury homes is a swimming pool. Swimming pools can serve many purposes. First, it can add beauty to your home’s landscape. Second, it can be quite nice to have a pool to dip in during warm days or a pool to swim for exercise. Lastly, it is a wonderful feature that can come in handy when entertaining friends or visitors. 

A spa along with the pool is also something that is desirable for these A listers. Anyway, it is always wonderful to relax and unwind after a long day’s work. 

Gym or Sports Amenities

Getting fit is one of the common hobbies of the elite and having a gym or a sports facility like a tennis court is something that they will oftentimes include in their homes. These celebrities would like to enjoy exercising in the comfort and privacy of their own homes. Celebrities wouldn’t want to be seen in public all sweaty and untidy. 

Home Theater

It is always wonderful to spend an evening with your family or even with friends or visitors watching your favorite movies or shows. Home theaters can be a wonderful addition to one’s luxury homes that allow you to enjoy the cinema in the comfort of your abode. 

These are just some of the common amenities or features of luxury homes in Beverly Hills. There are other features that can be quite more impressive like having one’s very own helipad, a huge garage for car collections, guest villas, and many more. These luxury homes are designed not simply for comfort but as a definition of what true luxury living is. 

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