Rarest Animals on Earth so Far!

Rarest Animals on Earth

Here are some animals holding extinction at bay by the thinnest of threads on Endangered Species Day. Saola (Pseudoryx nghetinhensis) Listed as one of the rarest large animals on earth by the Saola Working Group, this ungulate inhabits the mountains of Laos and Vietnam. As the primary threats to the saola’s existence, the Group, which … Read more

Opn rebrands from SYNQA after $120m Series C+

A payment experience solution developer called Opn has rebranded from SYNQA in honor of the closing of a $120m Series C+ funding round, which coincides with its rebranding. Mars Growth Capital, MUFG Bank, and JIC Venture Growth Investments all made contributions to the project. Taking advantage of the funds will enable Opn to expand into … Read more

French Libeo raises €20m funding round

As part of its fundraising efforts, invoice management company Libeo has raised €20m from partners at DST Global, Serena, LocalGlobe and Breega, along with a couple of angel investors from FinTech firms like Transferwise, iZettle, Klarna, Farfetch, and Criteo. As part of the funding round, Libeo, located in France, raised a €4m funding round led … Read more

How Does the Data Collection App Build Better Construction Safety Inspection Checklists?

Data Collection App

Data collection has become more manageable now with the use of advanced technologies. Most companies are using spreadsheets and paper to collect and store data safely. Directly, with the same safety features, you can manage and store data securely with the help of a data collection app.  It is a great way to help you collect … Read more

Benefits of Using Whatsapp API

Benefits of Using Whatsapp API

One of the most widely used messaging platforms worldwide is WhatsApp API. In fact, it has over 1.5 billion monthly active users. This means that WhatsApp has the most engaged users who interact with businesses in their everyday lives.  Whatsapp AI chatbot online is an important channel for reaching customers and prospects, but many companies … Read more